What I’m Riding . . . Rune Thursday

What are Runes?  Runes are an ancient alphabetical script that were primarily used for poetry (because of the melodic pronunciations of each letter), inscriptions and divination.  That divination factor is the one most modern scholars tend to focus on, and although original interpretations of exactly just what each letter means have been lost, that didn’t stop these scholars from attempting translation.  I have always been interested in the tools and methods various cultures use to catch glimpses of the future, or offer a God’s eye view of a current situation.  I have a zebra-patterned box where I keep a varied collection of such tools, such as Chinese Fortune Sticks (which I am afraid to consult since the last time I asked a question about something they told me I was going to fail miserably at it; and I did), Karma Cards, Advice from the Angels and a set of Dali Tarot Cards, just to name a few.  The Runes were something I came across in an occult store on South Street in Philadelphia in the early nineties, for anyone who remembers South Street before commercialism seeped in and drove out authentics and poseurs alike.  But I saw these Runes and had to have them for what I didn’t know at that time was a growing collection.

Of all my “supernatural consultants,” the Runes are my favorite.  They’re spiritual in nature, and don’t offer “what should I do next” answers.  They simply verify what you already know inside and are afraid to admit.  When Mom tells you to give up that boy, you cling to him tighter.  When the Runes tell you, it’s a little easier to swallow.  Well, not really.  Sometimes I still find myself bent over a bowl of brownie batter after consulting them.  Once when I asked the Runes if I was ever going to see a particular man again, whom I’ll call Dickies (because he looked so good in them), the Rune I selected from the bag was an upside down Thurisaz, translated, closed Gateway, translated, sorry, babe, a big fat NO.  It may sound ridiculous to some, but it was the sign I needed to let go.  Kind of like when you gain weight.  The clothes are tight, you can’t breathe, but it isn’t until you see a picture of yourself and are slapped with that visual that you can admit you’ve got to change.  So that’s what the Runes are for me:  a picture.  A snapshot of a situation in my life I need to see more clearly.  And they’re just plain fun, a girlfriend who says “You don’t need him, you’re better than that, just move on,” when you’re blubbering all over and looking for some kindness even if it may not be true.  So even if what the Runes have to say may not be true, like that loyal girlfriend, I so want to believe them that I’ll be all right.

So here’s how it works:  you reply to this blog with your situation, and every Thursday I’ll select from those submitted, pull a Rune and report what it says.  You can be as specific or non as you want.  Is David ever going to marry me?  Will David marry me within the year?  What is the situation between me and Honey Bunch?  Am I going to get that promotion I’ve been gunning for?  Why is Brenda in my life?  Does Carlos mean me any harm?  So send me your situation, and I’ll pluck you a Rune.

For fun, I flipped through my Rune journal because sometimes when I would have sessions with friends I would record the outcome.  This one is from 1992 when I was taking my first non-parental funded or supervised flight ever, and it was to San Francisco.  There was a guy who moved out there (that’s not why I was going) who I had been sweet on for several years, but he was a real player and I just never wanted to become another indentation in the pillow.  Now I was considering it, so I asked the Runes several questions before making the journey.  Here’s what I asked, and here’s what they told me:

How should I handle the situation with True Blue?  (Everyone gets a nickname, you’ll catch on)  Rune selected was Eihwaz, which translates to Defense.  Further translation, if there appears to be an obstacle in your path, honor it.  Do not feel compelled to press forward because this is not a situation in which you can make your influence felt.  Hmmm.  Okay.  I needed more specifics (no one else would after seeing this, but I still needed further development of a picture that already told me I was too fat).

Question:  Should I look him up in SanFran?  Answer:  No. (You can play with the Runes with yes or no questions; right side up is yes, upside down is no).

Question:  Would something bad happen to me if I did try?  Answer:  No.

Question:  Will I just run into him with no effort on my part? (God, I’m relentless).  Answer:  No.

I kept going.  Next question was situational:  Why should I not try to see him?  The Rune selected: Odin.  The Unknown.  Either the Runes were pissed, or this situation hadn’t been developed yet.  Either way, I accepted it at that.  Whenever I draw the Blank Rune I know it’s time to stop probing.

So whatever happened in San Francisco and did I ever see True Blue again?  The answers are nothing, and yes. 

So send me your situations (I won’t entertain any yes or no questions) and let’s have a Rune party next Thursday!


About whatimriding

Born and raised in Philly, I spent several years in Las Vegas, working at the House of Blues and writing about the city. I now reside in Tampa, where I continue to work on novels, scripts and short stories and tearfully await former Lightning forward Vincent Lecavalier's return to the bay area.
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3 Responses to What I’m Riding . . . Rune Thursday

  1. Jessica says:

    Because you said you would not entertain the fates with simple yes or no questions, I had to come up with something good. So, now, I’m going to give you some. I just needed to figure out which things to ask.

    1. What career path should I be looking at?
    2. At what age am I going to be satisfied with myself?
    3. (And a yes or no, just because you said you wouldn’t; besides, I’m a rule breaker) Am I ever going to find a point in my life where I’m not always looking back and thinking, “Alone is where I should be”?

    • whatimriding says:

      Hey Jess,
      Good questions all, even though number three is illegal (you little rule breaker, you). Number two I can work with, but for number one to be considered, try rephrasing as, “Am I in the right job?” Or “I have a dream job in mind; will I be successful at it?” Or “How long will it take me to be successful at (fill in the blank).” You don’t have to be specific as per the job as long as you know what you’re talking about; you may not want your biz all over the internet, I get it. So rework that first one, and I’ll be picking a Rune for you tomorrow!

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